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Performer – Teacher – Pinup Model

Lilly Tiger wants to have glamorous fun and spread glittery joy!

The “Fabulous Red-headed Devil-in-Disguise” (Trixie Trainwreck, founder of Pinky’s Peepshow) loves to perform different roles on stage, to create various characters and can’t resist the temptation of surprising disguises. Lilly Tiger will capture you with her playful charm, seduce you with her humor and inspire you with her joyful tongue-in-cheek eroticism.

Her signature act, the Manic Housewife, has earned her the title of “Master of Faces” (A’dora Derriere, Australian burlesque performer).

Lilly Tiger’s shows vary from classic acts to neo-burlesque comedic pieces. Her main source of inspiration comes from the styles of the 1950s rock’n’roll era but is on no account restricted to them.

After a classical ballet education from the age of four, Lilly Tiger has since explored all different sorts of dance styles from jazz to modern, standard and flamenco, until she crossed paths with burlesque and fell madly in love.

After her debut at Pinky’s Peepshow – a regular, monthly burlesque event in Berlin – in 2010, she continuously moved on and has since performed at numerous notorious burlesque events around Berlin as well as in other German cities and had her first international appearance at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival in 2012.

In early 2014 she will conquer another part of the world by performing in shows in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

Apart from performing, Lilly Tiger teaches burlesque classes and workshops and is available for bachelorette parties at Schönheitstanz-Studio Berlin.

For further details and applications please contact www.schoenheitstanz.de.

Lilly can also be won over by inspiring photo projects (preferably pin-up / burlesque themes) or creative fashion presentations as well as vintage-themed hostess assignments.

To gild the lily – Let the tigress cast a spell on you

Racy, Raunchy, Roarrrr!

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